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A couple of friends started BDE on the back of a boat in Summer 2013. Each of our products has our trademarked logo, a subtle reminder to stay positive, and the geographical coordinates of where it all started. Grab one of our products and make today your BDE. Pass the positivity on to family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, teammates…everyone. Pay it forward. It is contagious.

Follow us on Facebook (Best Day Ever), Instagram (bestdayevercrew), and Twitter (@bestdayevercrew).  We’ll be sure to post pictures and information about BDE.  Send us pictures of your best day ever (sporting our products even better!) with a short description of where you had it and why it was great, so we can pass along the positive vibes.  If you are daring, add the geographical coordinates of where you had your best day ever from

If you are planning a special event and giving your guests a memento, consider a BDE product.  We will customize it with the geographical coordinates of your special BDE spot.

-BDE Crew