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Welcome to BDE

What is BDE?  The short answer is, it is an acronym for “best day ever,” but it is really more…BDE is about having a positive (+) state of mind. It is a way of being. It is close family and friends. It is localism and strong ties to your community. It is quality and passion. It is…our brand.

Our goal was to create a line of high quality, fun, every day products that people could enjoy whenever, wherever while having a best day ever.  Wear a BDE sweatshirt while hiking your favorite trail or watching a high school game. Have your coffee or smoothie in a BDE tumbler on the way to work or play. Use a BDE cozie at your next backyard barbeque, on the boat or around the pool. Wrap yourself in a BDE blanket at the hockey rink or at a soccer game on a cool fall day.  Try our hats and t-shirts everywhere. 

Make today your BDE. Keep a + state of mind. It is healthy. It is contagious. It is…BDE. For more information, check out our About page. 

Email us any questions through our Contact page. 

-BDE Crew